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Whine and Dine 2007

Posted: April 5, 2007 in ACTC, Cycling, Rides, Whine and Dine

April Flowers

Whine and dine season is here!
It is April and that means the 2007 Whine and Dine rides have started. Yesterday’s ride was great fun. A lot of old friends showed up for the ride as well as some new friends. There is a blog for the rides. Everyone is invited. These are great bicycle rides.

Whine and Dine 2007


Mellow Rides Starting Next Month
You can usually expect at least 4 regroups and route sheets on this social ride. We will eventually do most of the goats in the Saratoga/Los Gatos area, except for the hardest. Meet at Summit Bikes on Main Street in Los Gatos, across the street from the Los Gatos Library. Rain or intense heat may cancel. Burritos after. We roll around 6:00ish.

Wed, 4, 11, 18, 25, Whine and Dine Mellow Ride, 6:00 PM, 12-22 mi, 3-6 M, ACTC Billy Goats = Various

Superbowl Party with Cyclists

Posted: February 4, 2007 in Whine and Dine

Superbowl Party

Fun SuperBowl Party
Susie and I had a great time watching the game and hanging out with friends.

Party at Dave's house

What a fun Saturday party!
After the flight to Half Moon bay on Saturday to get the fish, we had a fantastic party at Dave’s house. What a fun way to celebrate this whine and dine cycling season. A great time was had by all. We partied late into the night.

A flight for a fish

Posted: October 7, 2006 in Whine and Dine

Dorothy, Jeff and David

This morning I flew with Dave, his girlfriend Dorothy and her son Jeff in Dave’s Cessna. It was a fun flight, it was clear and very pretty in Half Moon Bay. We came back with half a salmon for this evening’s Whine and Dine party. What fun!

It’s the Bullwinkle Ride

This is the traditional first and last whine and dine ride of the regular season. It is a nice ride with some climbing both up and over Kennedy and Shannon. The climbs are not bad and it ends with a descent into Los Gatos. If you have lights, or a tail light, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring them, but I don’t think we will need them. Bring your appetites and maybe a bottle of wine for sharing after the ride!

See you there!


Labor Day Ride

Posted: September 3, 2006 in Cycling, Whine and Dine

Let’s have a Not Too Ride
What is not too early, not too easy, not too far, not too hard, not too fast and not too slow? It is a 3-4LM ride of about 25 miles, Mt. Eden & Pierce, that I am leading tomorrow. Since it is not listed, riders should expect not to get ride credit. If that is not a show stopper, please meet at 10am at the Los Gatos Park and ride, Burritos after at the Whine and Dine place.

The Los Gatos Park and Ride is here. The route sheet is here [PDF File].

Hope to see you at 10am on Labor day.